We have a keypad and will provide you with the current code shortly before your arrival.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and read this all the way through – it will make your stay easier and more enjoyable!

  • Plug in the Ultra Violet light (kills bacteria in the water) located on the Lake Level in the laundry room and turn on the water pump (switch beside the UV light plug) and turn on the blue tap (marked “switch on water”). Go to breaker panel in Shop (also on the Lake Level) and turn on “Water Heater” (two switches taped together)
  • Unplug the Nest camera by pulling out the cord from the bottom of the camera (for your privacy) on the main floor near the sliding glass door to the Muskoka Room.

**Winter Only**

We have left a large garbage bin full of sand to throw down the walkway to the cottage if necessary, along with a flashlight. There is a toboggan there as well that makes it easy to transport groceries etc. down the hill to the cottage (push it out in front of you).


  • Please don’t leave anything running.
  • Run dishwasher 1 hour before departure and then open door to air dry the dishes, press “Off” button

**To run dishwasher: press ”On” button and then use the arrow key to select cycle (you want “Normal”) and then press “Start

NOTE: there is a few second delay before you see results (so don’t keep  pressing the button like a crazy person like me )

  • Please strip the beds that you used and leave sheets down by the washer and dryer
  • Unplug UV light
  • Shut off water pump and water heater
  • Check the upstairs freezer door as it pops open sometimes when the fridge door is shut firmly
  • Shut off propane at the wall outside by the BBQ.
  • Plug the Nest Camera back in

**If you are staying a week you may need to go to the local landfill(10 minutes away) as you can’t leave garbage in the Wood Shed more than overnight as it could attract bears and other wildlife .

Directions to Landfill (open everyday – check website for hours)

  • Turn Left on #35 and right on #60
  • Turn right on to Oxtongue River Rapids Road (Just past Spring Lake Lodge)
  • When you come to the fork in the road, take the right.

##Recycling available but no Green Bin. Attendant will ask address: 1050 Thompsons Portage Road, Dwight


  • Shut door to Lake Level , otherwise leave other doors open
  • Leave thermostat at 20 (it will be set when you arrive)
  • Make sure fireplace door is shut
  • Open up tap in the kitchen both ways and drain water out (after you have shut off the  water tap in the laundry room along with the water pump of course